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Challenge Solver – High Density Storage Rack

YOUR CHALLENGE:  A lack of storage space for palletized cased goods

  • Pallets can only be stacked two high or require stacking aids to be stored any higher.
  • Requires product to be rotated in order to retrieve specific types for orders to be shipped.
  • Stacking aids are an on-going cost with the potential for breakage and a potential safety concern.
  • Stacking aids and banding increase storage time and labor costs.



Pallet Flow Rail High Denisty Palet Racking









  • Increase storage with potential vertical space.
  • Eliminate double-handling and product rotation increasing productivity.
  • Eliminate the need for stacking aids and banding and decrease labor costs.
  • Provide a safe storage solution eliminating the risk of pallet load stacks collapsing.


If you would like to learn more about the different types of high density pallet racking, including Pallet Flow, Push Back and Drive-In/Drive-thru, click here.


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